David Carrillo (lead guitar), David Olivarez (Bass), David Freakee P Haze Blevins (keys and vocals), Rod Lewis (drums) use their talents to minister to the souls of true rockers in our city. With the release of the Labor of Love, Envoye Express is getting back into the live performances venues in our city to bring their straight ahead rock sound to audiences who really want to rock. Not a new band by any stretch of imagination, Envoye Express has been playing together in this particular incarnation since 1990. The bands history goes back to 1983, David “Freakee P” Blevins is the only original member of a line-up that once included Todd Holly, Randy Fleming, and Steven Perez.

Blevins drive to entertain took him directly down a superhighway to find the other elements that completed the changing landscape of todays Envoye Express in the late 80’s. In 1987, David Carrillo contacted his long time buddy David Olivarez when Envoye Express was looking for a bass player. Olivarez stepped right up to the challenge and has fit the mold way beyond his own expectations. In about 1990, Rod Lewis jumped in on the drums with the David faction. The youngest member of Envoye Express and an SPC graduate is described by David Blevins and the other Davids as the real technician of the band. He added a new dimension to the band to our music and constantly brings new ideas to the songwriting table. Labor of Love was recorded by the incomparable Jimmie Lee Mason at the old Jungle Studio. The remix and mastering was done at Brazos by the near legendary Alan Crossland. The CD spins a not so gentle mixture of stunning instrumentation and thought provoking lyrics. David Blevins, Envoye Express vocalist and keyboard master, is responsible for the poetry. The birth of Labor of Love included a 5 year period of gestation. The end creation was worth the wait! These guys have continued to play in bands around the Hub. David Blevins and Steven Perez played in Triple Duece, Xatu Gurus, and Ty Dy Hayz. David Carrillo and David Olivarez have played in 3D band, Funatics. David Carrillo and Steven Perez are in Hub City Boys. So the Envoye Express are rocking strong. After Labor of Love CD was created around the year 2000 Envoye Express added Danny Sammons (rhythm guitar) and Mike Jefferson (percussion) to the band. They really added some new dynamics to Envoye Express. These guys all continue to Rock.