Before Caliboy Music, artists required a label to get their music sold online. In 2019 the team at Caliboy Music changed the game by partnering with digital stores to help budding musicians sell their originals worldwide while also retaining 100% of all the sales revenue they make. Today, Caliboy Music is one of the industry’s leading digital music aggregators and music sites for independent artists. All you have to do is upload your music, complete your checkout, and let our team take care of the rest! Your music is going to hit digital stores such as Spotify and Apple Music in simply no time.

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Caliboy Music Group was created in 2019 founded by Richard Steward and Ulysses Coleman. We started out with a very popular underground hip hop group called Underground Lighthouse. Caliboy Music had the opportunity to tour two cities with Nelly & The St. Lunatics in 2001 in Eugene, Oregon and Medford, Oregon.

We then went on and started our own label. Having changed our name to Deuce4k, we went on to billboard chart on both retail sales as well as national record pool, charting hit #17 on billboard for single sales in the country  for our single The Hoochie Song, and #27 on national night club charts worldwide.

So the music industry is nothing new to Caliboy Music. We have the connections to put just about any independent artist on top. So now we are taking on a role in helping brand new artists, and not just being a company that signs artists, but positions them to become their own bosses in the near future and building a brand for themselves.

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Long ago, independent music production only existed on the fringe of the internet. Today, however, digital music services like Caliboy Music have created an independent platform for aspiring new artists. This helps them thrive and boosts their creativity while building and independent fan base for them. Through our services, you can also bypass the digital music distribution machinations along with music labels that had earlier created a glass ceiling for brilliant artists who are struggling to breakthrough. Caliboy Music’s cloud-based music services have now become an integral part of the web as we allow artists to have a unique degree of control over their music creation.

As an artist management company, we understand that artists should be the only one to decide what to publish and where to publish it whilst marketing it in a manner which encourages viral exposure. Moreover, the rules that define the music industry are changing, and there are a lot of different amazing things that are happening. At Caliboy Music, we are also witnessing the development of brilliant new talent, creation of new genres, streaming music from the 100s of subgroups within POP, Metal, EDM, Rock, Hip Hop, Alternatives, Rap, and Punk along with more consumer engagement. As our websites grow, we are on our way to see music production continue to evolve one mp3 file at a time.

Upload your music on our website today and begin your journey in music production and promotion!

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