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Exposure for New and Independent Artists!


Back in 2019, we launched Caliboy Music to help provide a platform for talented yet unknown artists. We did not care if they were new independent artists just starting in the industry or if they were established ones with genre-smashing music, which bent all the rules and defied all odds. Our only goal at the time of inception was to help aspiring and pioneering musicians gain more exposure, sell a lot more albums, and reach a wider audience base. Our team is driven by its passion for helping out talented artists succeed.

Caliboy Music offers numerous professional indie music promotion services, including the following:

1. Tour promo services
2. College radio promotional services
3. Online publicity services
4. Consulting services
5. International music promotion services

At Caliboy Music, we represent musicians from all across the country. Wherever you might be, we can help you out with the following:

1. Book special interviews as well as appearances
2. Budget efficiently for gear plus equipment, tour travel, soundtrack, and other expenditures
3. Find and pick between quality recording studios in addition to the DIY approach to recording
4. Get presented in festivals, parties, panels, conferences, and industry events
5. Identify, market, and broaden your audience
6. Learn completely how to handle interviews with bloggers, radio hosts, music journalists, plus others
7. Learn how to create and submit your demo tapes to targeted radio stations
8. Make a long-lasting impression on your fans
9. Make valuable industry contacts as well as connections
10. Refine your appearance and public character as an artist
11. Use podcasts, band sites, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote your music effectually

Breaking into the music industry is extremely difficult, especially as it is so competitive. At Caliboy Music, we leverage our experience, insider experience, and record label reps to help all our clients forge productive connections that last a lifetime. We help you stand out from the crowd, which boosts your ability to get noticed by your target audience.

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