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Music Artist Radio Promotion

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In today’s online crowded market, getting noticed by the correct audience is extremely difficult. With so many different artists and music available online, you must take all the necessary measures to stand out from the crowd. At Caliboy Music, we are extremely proud to offer our exclusive artist promotion service of connecting musicians with well-established streamers. Our online streamers and playlists have hundreds and thousands of followers, which helps us offer quality exposure to you. This also offers to listeners an extremely positive and personal connection.

How our “Streamer Marketing” Works?

It Is Just Like Influencer Market on Steroids

Once your music has been approved, we schedule a feature with one or more with our streamers. Your song will then be played during the peak viewership and give artists a shout out to the hundreds listening, watching, and encouraging their viewers to effectively interact with you on Spotify and social media handles.

Are you ready to grow your fan base with Caliboy Music by getting your music heard on the radio?

Music Promotion That Works

At Caliboy Music, we manage artists and offer effective radio promotion that really works. We work alongside different artists that comprise of major labels, producers, and artists. The process we follow is a simple yet effective one.

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