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SoundCloud and Spotify promotion is becoming all the more challenging with every passing day. This fierce competition is extremely daunting to face all alone. Let us at Caliboy Music help you with organic promotions! We know that effective music promotion has helped people go viral, and we want to leverage this skill into helping you receive the attention you deserve! This is undoubtedly the age of marketing, thus, expecting your composition to gather steam all on its own without proper marketing is a farfetched prospect. Gone are the days when a gem might have remained unexplored only to be discovered sometime in the future. There is a plethora of content being produced all around the world, and making sure your work stands out is extremely important.


Our team understands that every promotional project is different, and so are their objectives. We use some of our tactics to achieve all immediate goals while a few of our strategies are perennial when it comes to sustained long term impact. Similarly, we also make measured and specific attempts to help your productions and compositions go viral.

Yes, you go it right!

It is indeed possible to plan a viral song promotion!

At Caliboy Music, we often come across creators who create content to go viral with a simple post. However, what they require is an expert promotional service to help their music get the attention it deserves, does not make the same mistake. Let our team of connoisseurs help you reach unprecedented heights!

Professional viral music promotional services are necessary for more than one reason. Instant popularity on SoundCloud and Spotify is a huge benefit, as it creates a ripple effect. Even though it is true that not every music composer receives long-lasting fame, but we have helped numerous people get to the top and stay there over the period we have served this industry.

Choosing the correct company is extremely important when it comes to real SoundCloud promotion services. The team at Caliboy Music offers you a plethora of promotional services across several different platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. We offer numerous different packages at an affordable price so you can choose one which suits you best without breaking the bank!


Do you want to shoot your music up to Spotify’s very top? At Caliboy Music, we have extremely flexible packages that cover numerous sizes, speeds, and geo-targeting factors you can think of! You can purchase plays, followers, along with monthly listeners from completely active and real accounts from all music markets from all across the globe! At Caliboy Music, we help push to top playlists as well, so you are covered from every single angle.

Happy promoting to you!


Spotify campaigns description and FAQs.

Why Should You Purchase Spotify Promotion?
There are numerous artists out there who believe they can go far through free music submissions. However, the fact is that paid promotions help fasten this process. Once you are equipped with the correct marketing strategies, paid promotion is a smart route to take.

Will You Receive Saves and Followers on Spotify Through Paid Promotions?
Yes, you definitely could! As this is organic promotion, users are free to engage completely with your track. You will consequently also get higher engagement due to quality music and an effective marketing strategy.

What Genres Do We Cover?
We cover all genres; you name it we have it! However, we never promote explicit content, for instance, cursing, drug abuse and use, violence, etc.

How is the Promotion Carried Out?
Your music is promoted through playlist placements. For example, the 600k playlist placement package means that your song is going to be placed in a playlist that total 600,000 followers for up to 2-4 weeks. We review your music first and then pitch it to our network.

Why Don’t We Promote Explicit Content?
At Caliboy Music, we do not believe in encouraging and promoting misogyny, drug use and abuse, cursing, and violence. We believe that your music can still talk about mature topics without having to be vulgar. We are well aware that not everybody feels the same, which is exactly why we state upfront our policy.

How Soon Is Your Campaign Going To Start After Your Sign Up?
Your order is going to be processed with the first 1-3 business days. Most of our orders begin within the first five days of their purchase.

Is Our Promotion Safe?
Our SoundCloud and Spotify promotion services are 100% safe and are compliant with all of Spotify’s terms of service. Our team ensures they never use bots or any other fake malpractices. We offer a range of different expected plays for your specific campaign, and a range is estimated. Your campaign has the possibility of doing both better and worse. We at Caliboy Music strive to do our very best to ensure your music gets the due attention it deserves.

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